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SME Review

If you are an SME, one of these set approaches might meet your needs:

  • HR Policy & Procedures review - we’ll take our models of good practice and tailor them to your needs
  • Effective high performance management system based on key objectives set in a Balanced Business Scorecard (BBS) framework
  • Employee Value Management (EVM) package for maximising employee commitment to the organisation
  • Personality profiling to promote awareness, reduce internal conflict, improve communication and develop successful internal relationships
  • Job evaluation and salary benchmarking - proven methodology to ensure fair and consistent approach to remuneration across an organisation
  • Outsource of Human Resources (HR) support function - flexibility of HR resource which can be tailored to meet your varying business needs as and when required


Find that competitive cultural edge!

We will help you identify what is special about your organisation and differentiates it from your competition, and then help you to put it to even greater advantage to improve your business results.

For more information on how we could help your business please contact us on:
01934 310 314 or email us at

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