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Are you a Human Resources Manager?

The Employers Cookbook provides a complete range of HR solutions to meet the needs of organisations of any size.

If you are an HR or Personnel Manager within an organisation the Employers Cookbook can help you on any people-related issue. You might well have all the basics in place, up to date employment policies, procedures, contracts and terms and conditions, but recognise that there are other areas where your business can improve.

One of the challenges facing HR people is getting busy operational managers to follow good practice and not take short cuts in handling their people issues. You have probably experienced being asked to clear up "the mess" in such situations and would like help in establishing a more proactive approach. The Employers Cookbook can help your organisation to achieve that.

There is a whole range of people-related business issues which are of interest or concern to organisations who want improve their competitiveness. Common amongst these are:

  • Performance management
  • Employee motivation and commitment
  • Job evaluation and salary benchmarking
  • Personality profiling to help with development and recruitment

Of course there are many other aspects which go to make up the "culture" of an organisation. By focusing on and working on these various elements it is possible to achieve radical improvements which will help your business to be more successful.

Have a look at our "case notes" to gain a better understanding of what's involved and the benefits which can be delivered, or feel free to contact us - we'll be happy to come and discuss your particular needs with you.

You might want to call upon the Employers Cookbook to help you with a specific issue such as a problem employee or you might want a more comprehensive ongoing service. If required, we can provide “helpdesk” style support at the end of the phone, or by email. This might be through your internal HR people or directly to Operational Managers.

We are happy to provide personal support to you or your employees, through coaching and guidance and if necessary sitting in on interviews or meetings.

If your business is growing this presents its own challenges on the people side. We can help you to take your people with you through whatever changes are necessary to deliver your business growth.

At the end of the day we are all about helping you to produce results which are of real benefit to your business

For more information on how we could help your business please contact us on:
01934 310 314 or email us at

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