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Strategic Support

Nigel's particular experience as a main board HR director means we can help at the strategic level. Typical areas for this are:

Owner Exit Strategy

How will owner's knowledge and experience be replaced in order to maintain the value of the business, after you have gone?

  • Who will take this on, and by when?
  • Implementing a "succession plan"

Strategic Planning

Mission, vision and values of the business - getting your workforce aligned and committed:

  • Delivering your brand values through your people- how to make it happen
  • Developing your collective capability within the business

Managing the Growth of the Business

  • Acquisitions and mergers
  • Organic growth

Beating your Competitors

  • What is/are your Unique Selling Proposition(s) (USP)?
  • How to get the leverage through your people

For more information on how we could help your business please contact us on:
01934 310 314 or email us at

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