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Problems with Employees

Have a look at the range of problems which we help with. If you have an issue which is not referred to here, contact us anyway: we can help!

Problems caused by sickness absence

I dealt with this topic at a recent seminar I ran. There are some really practical and effective measures you can take to deal with this issue. Click the link to access the seminar presentation and check out the issues and what to do. Read more>


There is an increasing focus on stress as a serious issue for employers to deal with. The two critical aspects are:

  • What to do to reduce levels of genuine stress, and
  • How to deal with individuals who "play the work related stress card" when tackled over performance or conduct issues.

Poor Performance

Many businesses find this difficult to get to grips with, but there is a simple blueprint for getting this right, and it is never too late to start.


This can undermine morale and commitment of otherwise productive staff, but rarely solves itself. We can help you to "grasp the nettle".

Liabilities into Assets

Previously productive people sometimes become "liabilities". We can help you to turn them round, or, if this really isn't possible, to minimise the pain of their exit.

Dismissing People Fairly

Failing to follow the correct procedure can land you in hot water, even if the decision itself is fair. Get advice, before "shooting yourself in the foot".

Responding to a Tribunal Claim

Most Tribunal cases are settled before going to a hearing. Submitting a robust response to the claim is the second step in achieving leverage to a more favourable settlement. The first step is to take advice earlier!

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