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Compliance with Legislation

Most employers are worried about compliance. Our role is to provide you with sound advice and support, giving you peace of mind that any situation can be tackled.

Main Pitfalls

  • Jumping into action without thinking first, e.g. failing to follow proper disciplinary procedure
  • Failing to deal with issues as they arise - action taken later is then too harsh or inconsistent
  • Not taking the trouble to have properly detailed and up to date contracts of employment and supporting rules, policies and procedures
  • Actual day to day practice conflicts with published values, rules, policies or procedures
  • Reliance on 1 year qualification for unfair dismissal claims - soon to be 2 years in April. There is an increase in claims relating to "statutory rights"


  • Carry out HR "health check" review and properly implement it
  • Seek advice before taking action, no matter how apparently trivial
  • Ensure all managers are given guidance on how to deal with performance and conduct issues
  • Encourage an open culture where people feel free to raise issues and ensure they are dealt with speedily
  • Keep up to date via newsletters, networking, or visiting our news page

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